“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you've changed, by believing. Once you've changed, other things start to follow. Isn't that the way it works?” ― Diane Duane, So You Want to Be a Wizard

Thursday, September 14, 2017

In the Journal - a Quiet retreat - with Pelicans

“I want a brighter word than bright”  - John Keats


That's the kind of day it was ... and the Pelicans were there ... Zen in the water.

From 2014  ... a gem from one of our day trip excursions...

Pelicans - rainbows on the water.

First glance, from a distance,

they looked like buoys, such a foreign and

unexpected sight.

Then one moved!


Driving alongside the water Andy found a tree that cloaked us, we hoped. Taking pictures from the car didn't quite capture the details. I needed a closer angle and a place to idle.

I stepped out and stood among the tree branches and it worked for awhile. Then the seagulls ratted me out and the Pelicans shifted their energy from serene to alert.

Slowly, they took their leave, steady and deliberate, the gentle alteration of their course, downstream and effortlessly away.

I felt the one at the point position had sensed our presence and observed us with a wary eye. He knew I was there and he tolerated my non-threatening action but had given me as much time as he could.

Our time was up.

Mission accomplished, I retreated to the car.
Jack and Gracie had been quite patient.

We lingered a bit, watching a few moments
more as the big, beautiful birds
faded from sight. Lots of winged activity at the dam,

including two more Pelicans. 

Further down the road, we saw a Bald Eagle (huge) but he was too far for me to even think about getting a pic.

We have found a groove for our excursions at this point. We start out in the car with a specific direction in mind. Gracie and Jack are great travel dogs. The trip usually involves the plan of a hike or an extended walk somewhere.

Keeping the destination optional, we often find new views and trails we hadn't considered that are sometimes better than those we know.

The day unfolds, we enjoy our time and our company on the unexpected journey.

Happening upon Pelicans soaking up the sun was a bonus.

John Redmond Reservoir

Wikipedia - The Neosho Valley flooded over 45 times in the 30 years leading up to 1950 when Congress would authorized the project for what was to be "Strawn Dam." Ironically, it was authorized and awaiting construction during the Great Flood of 1951, which inundated downtown Burlington and Strawn where some locations had floodwater 30 feet (9.1 m) deep.

New Strawn, KS
1/2 mile South and 1 mile West of New Strawn, KS
or 2 1/2 miles North of Burlington on US-75
Corps of Engineers (620) 364-8613

Monday, August 14, 2017

Rattlesnake Medicine and the everpresent teachings of Rolling Thunder

"I could feel and sense that the snake intended no harm and I said that part out loud. That did not mean it should be ignored. What I did not say out loud is that I sensed the snake was being respectful and anticipated a like-kind response." - Wendy's Rattlesnake Medicine Encounter in connection to the interview with Stanley Krippner on Native American Medicine Man Rolling Thunder

I wanted to share this experience because it is so typical of what happens when those in spirit essence want to engage with us. It happened in connection to my interview with Stanley Krippner on Rolling Thunder. It isn't the first time I have felt the presence  of RT as there was an incident with the sound of rolling thunder on a clear day as I prepared for a previous interview with Dr. Krippner.

This encounter is, however, more substantial due to the greater complexity of the dynamic and the coinciding timing of social events kicking up activism and dissent. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast 8/13 interview Stanley Krippner Ph.D on The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder 

Here's the backstory - 

On the afternoon of the day of our interview, Andy and I took the dogs to the park. We walked the trail and the creek. Prairie grass alongside the trail was about 5 feet tall and dotted with flowers and butterflies. We talked about how it might have been if you had to actually walk through the grass and the clothes and boots that would have been hot - but necessary - to avoid bugs and scratchy plants. 

Midsummer temps were perfect at about 79 with low humidity. It was a gorgeous Midwest summer day and the dogs loved cooling off in the water. 

On the return trip, walking back up the hill, we noticed the group in front of us had stopped. A Dad and his three young boys had dismounted their bicycles and were standing along the far right side of the trail.

Kansas Sunflower - in the land of Ahhs.
The man then yelled out a caution that we might want to go slow because a very large rattlesnake had just crossed their path. He asked if we could see it. We were still about 30 feet away. They were closer at about 10 feet and watching it leave the asphalt trial and go onto the side ditch. 

And yes, we could see it. Wow! Big enough we could see the head and the tail, popping up through the trimmed grass.

I could feel and sense that the snake intended no harm and I said that part out loud. That did not mean it should be ignored. What I did not say out loud is that I sensed the snake was being respectful and anticipated a like-kind response. 

Andy went ahead with Gracie to see what kind of rattlesnake it was. It had a large head and was at least 4 feet long. The color was vibrant because the skin had just been shed. He could tell by the markings it was a Timber Rattler. I have seen one rattlesnake in person when I was a teenager. Most likely it was a Prairie Rattlesnake. It was at the most, 6 or 8 inches in length. It did have rattles. 

When the snake noticed Gracie (our medium-sized dog) had stopped, it deftly turned, arched its neck with the head held aloft and started to coil, rattles engaged for added emphasis. The snake felt threatened. 

Andy and Gracie quickly resumed a deliberate and smooth pace past the snake with the Man with his two older boys close behind. The snake relaxed a bit. His head was still arched and I had eye contact. I was within about 20 feet at that point. He was beautiful and looked quite majestic, simply trying to assess the threat and maintain the upper hand in managing a defense.
The man then called out to the youngest one to hurry, while at the same time the snake stiffened his neck to affirm the threat was passing. No rattle sound. Tail down.

Quiet in my arms now, I hauled (our small dog) Jack up from the trail the minute the presence of the snake had been announced. He caught me off guard because he unexpectedly threw a temper tantrum at the indignity of being unceremoniously dethroned (in his mind) in front of a crowd, inadvertently humiliated.

Not amused and no time to explain the situation, I held him firm and tight. He relented and calmed down. If he had pitched that diva fit in closer proximity and agitated the snake it could very easily have been misinterpreted and created a dangerous scenario. Not today.

As it was, airlifted Jack and I followed behind the small child, timidly moving forward with his bike, and kept watch on the snake, now also resuming travel to safely slither off into the undergrowth along the treeline.

Respect and awe won the day. He/She had appeared to be in robust health, stunning, with beautiful color and markings. An incredibly rare encounter in our hiking excursions.  


Back at home, half an hour prior to the show. Gracie indicates I have a visitor. She quietly sits in front of me and looks behind her then back at me, asking - "Do you see them?"

I felt the energy shift. I knew someone was present.

RT -- The connection is telepathic and direct. He told me a couple of times: "Do your homework!" -
"Do your homework!"

I knew he meant I needed to again look at the book in preparation for my interview. So I sat down and listened.

Order on Amazon
He was giving me page numbers.

Page number 74. I opened the book directly to it.
Page number 4 and the book opened to page 4.

Then I happened to turn to the page that said rattlesnake and coyote medicines were important. I was astounded.

Went to the station and looked up Rolling Thunder and Rattlesnake. That search pulled the Billy Jack information on consulting re the Snake Ceremony.

RT wanted the activism information addressed and the message of peaceful dissent. He was pleased that I listened and he knew Stanley Krippner was ready to address the topics.

After we left the station - a lime green balloon with a card attached - walked itself across the crosswalk in front of us, just as if someone were right beside it.

Andy asked if I wanted the balloon to read the card. No. I got the message  I knew it was RT. He said, "Thank you."


I believe in these things because I experience them. The Rattlesnake on the trail - was a once in a lifetime encounter - for me. He was gorgeous and big. The colors were bright because of the recently shed skin. And he made eye contact. I was in awe. Then, when I made the connection later, I realized he had a purpose. The message was delivered in the most appropriate form.

I asked Stanley what Rolling Thunder might have had in mind in presenting the message of Rattlesnake Medicine at this time. He told me the symbolic meaning implied shedding of the skin that we can change and shed our old beliefs. 


I do know about these symbolic representations having worked with Totems and Dreaming Animal Energies for years. However, not to the extent of anyone with the mastery level of Rolling Thunder. 

For example, I am still receiving information from RT and the inspiration was that I could do my work to become an active Shaman. I replied that I am probably not suited to be in that category.

Then came the fun part.
RT Question One: Can you sit still for 5 minutes?
Yes, that I can do.
RT Question Two: Can you sit still for 5 days?
Okay, that's where my aptitude takes a detour.

As I said, I am probably not suited as I don't have the desire to push myself to that limit. However, I do know it can be done and, obviously, once one becomes adept at working in spirit from this level it is easier to interact and engage the elements accessed in the Shamanic Realm.

As his instruction implies, effort is required to produce results and those who apply themselves will improve their abilities on multiple planes of awareness. 

Did he stop there? Actually, no. RT again. He said: "You will know when it is time to sit."

So I am learning a new step. Apparently, shedding skin is in my future_present_now.   

As it stands, I am happy to make my connections, to share insight I might have and to encourage others to open their mind to experiences with those in non-corporeal form to express a greater awareness of living and being more than simply a bag of bones walking the path with no direction.

The underlying message in this case: Macro and Micro are reflecting a time now where all is undergoing transition and shift. The Mother is shedding her skin. Big changes are afoot. Tread lightly and watch for signs in all forms (and senses). Respect and honor all creatures.

We are not alone in this adventure and there are others in spirit eagerly working to assist if and when we are willing to apply ourselves to expand our awareness and admit we can use a helping hand. 

Thank you, and Aho! We are one; in, with and - of - our Creation.  3 - given a telepathic reference of Triune. I thought I was done there but now I am curious ...

...And down the rabbit hole I go.


I have to look this word Triune up - because there is a reason the word Trinity was not used. Something is important about that word. Feeling my way now, google in progress.

The feeling syncs. In this instance, the meaning is: Incomprehensible but Knowable (fortunately, this is a book that helps with context) and refers to a Catholic Saint (What?).

By now I think I have gone off the rails. However, I discover an interesting tidbit that clarifies the reference. Saint Gregory Palamas. Correlation? 

[Gregory went to live at the Megiste Lavra, but very soon moved to the Skete of Glossia for greater tranquillity. The Turkish raids of 1325 forced him together with others to leave the Holy Mountain for Thessaloniki, where he was ordained priest. In the following year (1326), together with ten fellow-ascetics, he moved to the Skete of Beroea, where he remained, living a life of great strictness, for five years. Five days of the week he spent in complete isolation, devoted to uninterrupted mental prayer, while on Saturdays and Sundays he emerged to partake of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.] Pemptousia

And why would one do this routine? To see the un-created light of God. The Hesychast System (Greek hesychos, quiet)

[By contemplating the uncreated light one became united with God so intimately that one became absorbed in Him.] NewAdvent.org 

[There seems also to have been a strong element of the pantheism that so often accompanies mysticism in the fully developed Hesychast system.] NewAdvent.org 

How the heck did RT get me from point A to 5 days a week in silent prayer?
RT: Chuckling hard now - "...a wing and a prayer."
He shows me an image - threading a needle (me), playing with strings, I am sewing the fabric.

Abstract thinking comes in handy. I am done for now. What a wonder-filled lark. It's been like this since 1997. This is why I talk to nightlights. ;)

Snake Power Animal Symbol - Shamanic Journey
Coyote Medicine - Shamanic Journey 
Thunder People - Native American Prophecy

"It's a mistake to think of any group or person as an opponent, because when you do, that's what the group or person will become to you. It's more useful to think of every other person as another YOU - to think of every individual as a representative of the universe" - Rolling Thunder, Doug Boyd

Monday, August 7, 2017

White Lion Leadership - Guest Blogger, Tamar Peters

"The real art of shamanism is the respectful exchange between two species." - Linda Tucker, Mystery of the White Lions 

  • Tamar Peters - White Lion Leadership, Interview - Conscious Living with Wendy Garret on Empower Radio

    After my interview with Tamar I invited her to share the story of how she reconnected with her ability to talk with animals. She has provided a picture of the dog who reminded her of all that she had temporarily forgotten to remember. We are experiencing a wonderful time of remembering. I hope you enjoy the story. - Wendy, Talking to Nightlights 

My Journey into White Lion Consciousness and answering the call of King of Kings
     by Tamar Peters, Founder and CEO of Top Speaker Events & My Avatar Adventures

Image Credit: Tamar Peters
My Avatar Adventures

When I started talking about this concept of building a bridge and reconnecting with nature and animals as a solution to many challenges we face in today’s world, there were many raised eyebrows. I was not surprised as in many ways I would have done the same a few years ago if someone had mentioned we could learn wisdom from animals and reconnecting with nature.

So I am going to start from the beginning of my awareness of this “world” of animal communication, conscious business and how I came create these unique immersive adventures.

I wanted to share my personal experience relating to my work, my spiritual path and my relationship with animals to set the scene for the foundation of my personal journey into White Lion Consciousness.

Nearly 4 years ago now I was at a crossroads in my life and knew that everything had to change as I wasn’t happy with my life as it seemed to lack meaning and purpose. I decided it was time to completely “unplug” letting everything I owned go and simplifying my life. What kept my head above water while my life fell apart was my reconnection with nature.

I sold all my material goods, the house, the car, the furniture, most of my clothes and personal items, just everything I didn’t need any more and move to Spain to a quieter more connected environment with more sunshine and peace and quiet. Work wise I realized that I didn’t want to work in the same way and so now my life if dedicated to reconnecting humans to nature through interspecies communication and what we can learn from nature. 

A recent experience with a beautiful golden retriever called Max was the start of this recent journey into to the world of interspecies communication, animal wisdom and the protection of endangered wild life species as part of the re-education of leaders by reconnecting them to plight and importance of natural birth right of all animal species.

On New Year’s Day 2014, I was having a drink in a café on the beach when this beautiful white golden retriever came over. I had been watching him for a while run on the beach and playing with a couple of other dogs and their owners. He appeared not to belong to anyone who I found very strange and, I had not seen a retriever before in Spain as it’s not a popular dog choice here. But thrilled he had come over to say hello, I offered him some water which he lapped up very quickly indicating to me he was dehydrated.

Then something strange happened…we started a conversation! Yes, a conversation as if someone was speaking with me. 

Not in words and I didn’t hear anything but more of a knowing. Bear with me on this as it will make sense as I go. What I “knew” was he had run away from home because he was bored and no one seemed interested in paying him any attention. His owners had gone away and the people at the place he was being kept were too busy with other people. He had traveled for about half a day along the beach and had come far. He was now hungry and ready to go home. 

So now I am sitting thinking how odd that I just had this whole story inside
Max - Image credit: Tamar Peters
my mind out of the blue. It was like someone was telling me the story but there was no voice, sound but rather just a knowing and energy around it that made me think twice.

I initially thought what a great imagination I have! I looked at his tag on his collar and saw his name was Max. There was a phone number on the tag too. I asked one of the waiters (who spoke some English) if he could call the number and let them know we had their dog Max.

As it transpires, Max was being looked after by hotel staff as the owners of the hotel had gone away for a week’s holiday. The owners were Max’s keepers. Max had been missing for a couple of days and came from the next town along from where I was.

The information I was given matched what I had “known” about him and that is when I thought something else was definitely happening! I then started to talk to Max, as I used to when I was young to other animals.

Not speaking but thinking and creating pictures in my head. He turned to me and we connected in such a powerful way, it was very difficult to explain. I knew then that we had communicated.

He reassured me it was true and that everything was okay. He was grateful for my help and a little worried as he knew he was in trouble. My heart was so full of love and the beautiful energy I was receiving from him was so powerful I just sat there stunned. A few minutes later a lady in a car arrived and as Max left he turned to me and said – ‘I am ok and thank you’. And with his tail between his legs he walked slowly towards the car and jumped in.

Well as you can well imagine I was stunned! Then suddenly a rush of emotions followed and I burst into tears and laughed hysterically. I had never felt such incredible undeniable love in all my life. I couldn’t get my head around what had happened.

My logic was just denying any concept that this just happened. I sat there for a while, to gather myself but the journey home was a complete blur as my whole body, mind and emotions were totally overwhelmed. I sat in my mediation chair in tears asking for some guidance and explanation as thought I had completely lost it mentally.

I had such a powerful meditation and was told that this was very important and more was to come. As I write this my eyes well up with tears of recognition and emotion of something profound having shifted in my consciousness. That moment still fills me with such profound love and there are no words in our language that fully express the emotion of that kind of love. It was then I knew something had changed in me. I demanded answers from my guides as couldn’t understand what it all meant.

Over the coming months through my meditations, dreams and “aha” moments, my path became very clear and a sense of “being on purpose” soon took over my daily activities. I was so hungry for knowledge, information and understanding that I spent 3 months solidly researching all I could about animal communication, telepathy and anything to do with nature and animals and our innate natural connection to them at a much deeper and meaningful level.

Over the months the whole idea, concept and meaning have revealed itself and each time it’s been refined, more specific and certain. I was encouraged by all the connections I had received to put a proposal together for an organisation that had been brought into my awareness, the Global WhiteLion Protection Trust, to launch this new concept of interspecies communication, animal wisdom and personal and professional leadership transformation.

Linda Tucker - CBS Interview

The exact alignment and same core values of what I was being divinely driven to do and what Linda Tucker, the Founder and CEO of the GWLPT, had already been doing for years, was a definite sign I was moving in the right direction.

I needed to focus on not just any animals but wild life and not just any wild life, but endangered species. It wasn’t just communicating with animals, which I have relearned to do, as it is innate in all of us when we are born, but more for us to commune with them, connecting heart to hear and listening to their wisdom as they have so much to share that can help us.

Why you ask…..well they have a direct uninhibited connection to source, they are as pure of heart as you can find in our world and their knowledge, understanding and relationship with all that surrounds them, is so powerful that it is why no matter how the environment changes around them, they adapt really well.

The formula of teaching animal wisdom through leadership, communication, relationships, sustainability or any other skill we need assistance within ourselves and our professional lives, is key to building the bridge and reconnecting us human animals with what is so natural in nature!

The concept of Journey into White Lion Leadership was born. I was still asking why me, why had this come to me instead of those already linked so much closer to nature, wild life, preservation of endangered species. The answer I received was that because of my skills and passion for what I was doing, I had what was needed to help birth it into the main stream.

My years of business and event experience would be able to design educational platforms for teaching of these concepts, my passion for animals and travel would help to identify which ones we needed to focus on and create experiences that would totally engage people’s imaginations.

And then finally my desire to make a difference in the world would drive the tremendous impact this would have in a far reaching and powerful manner. Therefore, it truly is my HONOUR to share this with the world so that you too may be moved, as I am, to truly be part of the change we want to see in the world. 

My Avatar Adventures the business I created around this event, is the start of this amazing journey not just for me but for all those who answer the call of the White Lions.

About the Gathering this year, 2017: Top Speaker Events

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Max, Magic and Chloe. My friends.
- Wendy here - And this is why the story resonates so well with me. My Max arrived after the guides told me the "other" was coming. I had no clue. Other? I certainly wasn't looking for a dog.

He knew the agreement and held to it. Max  came to help remind me I needed to recover my own Animal Communication abilities.

Although I didn't know it at the time, he was the assigned teacher and my partner. We were joined for a time (7 years) with a very good animal buddy who often came to visit - a Golden Retriever named Magic.

They were the best of companions. Escapades include two unfortunate encounters with a skunk. Twice for Max. Magic learned his lesson the first time and ran like a lighting bolt back into the house while Max took full stream odor assault and was left to return head down, tail between his legs, to again stake out a claim in the corner of the garage - awaiting his second go round of tomato-de-skunk-soup spa treatment. It doesn't work nearly as good as not getting sprayed in the first place.

The pals (along with my 3 cats) also kept me company while I wrote. The two are pictured here with kitten pal Chloe (who still thinks she is a Dog) tucked beside Magic's feet. 

Max gave me lots of stories. He was a patient teacher and is still with me when I need help or protection. Magic was Gracie's Prince Charming. She melted in his presence. Really. (He was also a good Ghost detector.)

Max and Magic have graduated from this course and gone off to play elsewhere - minus tomato-de-skunk-soup spa days. Gracie sees Max occasionally. We are part of the same heart family - in physical form and non-form. Love doesn't die. In the light, we all live on. I am still learning. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

#SaveDD "Oh, the Angst - Downward Dog is a riot!" (and *cancelled!)

“When animals express their feelings they pour out like water from a spout. Animals' emotions are raw, unfiltered, and uncontrolled. Their joy is the purest and most contagious of joys and their grief the deepest and most devastating." - The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff Goodreads

*Update - ABC Cancelled the show - as the accolades of TV top 10 poured in ... DD was a darling. Indiewire. Budget issues cited.

#SaveDD is the cry. “ABC was interested in putting another season together but it more came down to the financial,” Mr. Killen said. “We’re talking to anybody and everybody but I still personally would love to see it land back on ABC." Rob Owen/Post-Gazzette

Will they succeed in reviving the show? Follow producer/writer John Hoberg: Twiiter


From my original post -- 3/31/17

So maybe it's really more about how a human might cope with the confined space of animal being but - it works. And it's entertaining. Downward Dog, the series is coming up on ABC. Here's hoping it will be just as endearing.

Setting the tone, the web inspiration video teaser. Spoiler: Doesn't end well for the fish.
We dive right into the story -- Birthday number 7 is coming up ...

and so it goes ...

Background on IndieWire  Review on Deadline

Show on ABC - Downward Dog TV

Oh yeah, details here: I've worked for Eddie Bauer for 7 plus years. That brown coat Nan wears in the cold snowy portion of the vid - Eddie Bauer Lodge Down Parka. Perfect. See for yourself: Here.
My warmest coat. I have the longer version. (Duffle.)

When it's cold, the dogs just look at me like, "Really? You AREN'T taking us for a walk? Hater."

Exactly. So, I put on the coat, gloves, headband, boots, leggings, 'guide pro' pants, scarf, hat, heated hand warmers and head to the park. LOL.

The fish and the turtle and the cat guard the house. Dogs don't know BAD weather, it's just outside and that's where they rule the world.

Cold where you are? Don't shiver. Been there. Eddie Bauer.


*Update continues ...

Cancelled by ABC  Downward Dog is now shopping other Networks/Options.

'Downward Dog' pilot became the first network comedy to ever premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Vox on the cancellation.

Downward Dog - Slate Headline 'Downward Dog' Finale: Saying Goodbye to a Show that Was More Human Than Anything Else on TV

 ... Maybe that's why.

Next assignment: finding a Network with Heart. Suggest Adopt-a-thon. #SaveDD

Friday, July 7, 2017

Irresistible Show Dogs and their adoring crowd - Oh My Smiling Heart!

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” - Woodrow Wilson

A Dog show to remember. Film short - The competition is stiff. ...and full of ss__ ... urprises ...

"Somewhere near the hall of Brétigny-sur-Bizet, in front of a raging crowd, the most outstanding dogs face each other to measure their talents and strengths. Among them is Sweetheart, encouraged by the best and most noisy crowd. Will he triumph in this hard competition?"

Oh My Dog! from Chloé Alliez on Vimeo.

*Thank you to Miss Celenia for flagging this and sharing via Laughing Squid.

Cartoon, animation, stop motion. In various guises animals are represented. We see ourselves reflected and empathy seeps in. Pet lovers live vicarious, each and every emotion. Compassion solidifies the bond.

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.” - John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog

Gracie and Me
in Sedona. Sun Vortex
Deep inside, under the temporary physical costume, embedded in the heart of every dedicated performer is a twinkling star; crying to be heard, curious to see and be seen, barking to be let out, longing for an open door. 

Then comes the day we discover, this room has a secret passage and a window. Can you hear the roar?
- Talking to Nightlights
"All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it." ~ Samuel Butler